Group Dance Classes - Dancing is for everyone

Group Classes

In Group Classes several people (3 or more) receive instruction from one teacher. These classes are a great enhancement of private lessons, as they introduce you to patterns in various dance styles.

Group classes provide an opportunity to practice leading/following in a controlled environment, by changing partners during the class. Couples who do not wish to change partners don’t have to. Just inform the instructor at the beginning of the class.

Each month we offer a variety of group classes for different dance styles. Be sure to check our calendar to see which classes are offered.

Group classes are taught at different levels:

Classes & Parties

Beginning Level Classes are an introduction to the dance and mainly consist of 4 to 6 patterns, per dance.

Intermediate Level Classes consist of patterns at the “Bronze” level (Very Good Social Dancer). There are 10 to 12 patterns in each dance.

Advanced Level Classes consist of “Silver” / “Gold” level patterns (Excellent Social Dancer / Competitive Dancer). There are 10 to 12 additional patterns in each dance.

Open Classes are just what they imply. They are open to all levels of dancers. They will mainly be more technical and also include styling