Country Western Dance Floor Etiquette

When the dance floor gets busy, you should expect an occasional bump into other dancers. To minimize running into other dancers it is important to be aware of the Country Western Dance Floor Etiquette.

The dance floor is divided into three areas. Two lanes and a center area:

Country Western Dance Floor Map

Note that the outside lane is the fast lane and that progressive dances move around the dance floor in a counter-clockwise direction. If you are going slow, stay in an inner lane and let faster dancers pass you on the outside. The closer you go to the center, the slower you may go. If you are doing a stationary dances such as a line dance or swing dance instead of a progressive dance, you should dance in the center area of the floor.

Line dancers should never line up all the way to the rail and block progressive dancers. There are some popular line dances where the floor fills up. In that case it is probably better for the progressive dancers to let the line dancers have the floor.